The Shocking Secret Evelyn Discovers While Searching for Her Mother's Father

Season 1 Episode 104
Aired on 08/01/2015 | CC tv-14
For more than 60 years, the identity of the biological father of Evelyn's mother has been a mystery. After talking with her mom about this missing piece in her life, Evelyn decides to take action and hires an investigative genealogist to find him. The investigator finds a man who could be a match, but she learns that he is deceased. However, she was able to locate the man's brother, who is alive and lives in the Bronx.

Evelyn calls her sister, Sylvia, who also lives in New York City, and asks her to approach the man with a DNA test so they can confirm whether he's their great uncle. "I'm really nervous," Sylvia says to Evelyn over the phone. "Imagine he looks just like Mom."

Watch as Sylvia reveals what she learned about the criminal history of the man who could have been their grandfather.

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