The Biggest Difference Between Evelyn Lozada and Her Daughter Shaniece

Season 1 Episode 101
Aired on 07/11/2015 | CC
For Evelyn Lozada and her 21-year-old daughter Shaniece, the old adage, "like mother, like daughter," doesn't always ring true. While Evelyn can be emotional and hot-tempered, Shaniece is very even-keeled. "I don't know where Shaniece comes from. She's like an alien baby," Evelyn jokes. "Sha is very like, you know, very calm, very zen. ... We're very different. I'm a little rough around the edges."

At home, Shaniece surrounds herself with Buddha statutes to keep the peace. The only time she gets emotional, Evelyn says, is when talk turns to Puffy, the 15-year-old dog she's had since childhood.

In the above video, watch as Evelyn takes drastic measures to improve Puffy's smelly breath.

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