Should Shaniece Move Overseas with Her Boyfriend? Evelyn Weighs In

Season 1 Episode 108
Aired on 08/29/2015 | CC
Evelyn and Shaniece's mother-daughter vacation takes a serious turn when Shaniece brings up a potential move to London with Zat Knight, her boyfriend of three years. When Shaniece asks her mom what she would do in her situation, Evelyn hesitates. "Don't answer as my mom; answer as another woman," Shaniece says.

Evelyn tells her daughter that leaving everything behind—including a modeling contract—is a little scary. "I always tell her, 'I know what it's like fully relying on a man for support, and it sucks.' It sucks because ... they have full control of everything in your life, and they know it," Evelyn says. "I feel like you have less power, and it's not a good feeling."

If the situation was reversed, Shaniece believes her mother would move, no matter what her friends and family thought. This reminds Shaniece of a time her mother ignored her advice and made a huge mistake. "As your child, when I told you I didn't approve of your relationship and your marriage [to your ex], why didn't you listen?" she asks "That wasn't a trigger point?"

Watch as Evelyn explains why she should have paid attention to the doubts she had deep down inside, even as she walked down the aisle on her wedding day.

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