Shaniece Plans a Girls' Night Out for Evelyn

Season 1 Episode 103
Aired on 07/25/2015 | CC tv-14
Evelyn gave birth to baby Leo in March 2014, and her 21-year-old daughter, Shaniece, says she's been spending way too much time at home ever since. "I feel like, just because she had Leo and has a fiancé, it doesn't mean that she has to be so comfortable," Shaniece says.

To get Evelyn, a 39-year-old self-confessed homebody, out on the town, Shaniece plans a fabulous girls' night out. "If she doesn't like going to a bar, she may need to start knitting in her rocking chair, in really baggy sweatpants and a T-shirt with a stain on it," she says.

At the bar, Evelyn sips her drink while Shaniece urges her mom to turn it up. What Shaniece doesn't understand, Evelyn says, is that 1-year-old Leo doesn't care about girls' night and will still be up at the crack of dawn. "I like being fresh in the morning," Evelyn says. "I like waking up and having tea or coffee in the morning. ... I like having my Oprah Chai Latte."

Will Evelyn let loose? Watch the above video to find out!

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