Shaniece Models the First Prototypes for Her Swimwear Line

Season 1 Episode 106
Aired on 08/15/2015 | CC
Ever since Shaniece met with a New York-based swimwear designer, she's been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the first prototypes from her swimwear collection. When they arrive in the mail, Shaniece invites her friend, Aisha, over to get a second opinion.

Shaniece tries on a black bikini first, and although it fits well, she says it's lacking that "wow" factor. "I feel like there should be something more, like an embellishment or a print or something that stands out," she tells Aisha. However, with just two weeks until the launch of Shaniece's website, there is very limited time to make any changes to the design.

Next, Shaniece puts on the white, two-piece swimsuit and immediately finds flaws in the fit. "I know [the designer] Annelies worked really hard on the swimsuits, but I feel like the prototypes still need more work. ... It kind of feels like I'm back to square one," she says. "I'm starting to think I've bit off more than I can chew."

Watch as Shaniece discusses the future of her fashion line.

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