Shaniece Confronts Danika: "I Don't Want to Be Patient"

Season 1 Episode 110
Aired on 05/14/2016 | CC tv-14
After Shaniece's swimsuit line fails to gain any ground, she fears it may have been mismanaged. Shaniece's brand manager, Danika, insists that she has tried to pitch the line, but is having trouble getting traction because Shaniece just isn't well-known enough in the industry. She implores Shaniece to be patient—but that's the last thing Sha wants to hear.

"Patience? I don't want to be patient. I don't know what I'm being patient for. If I can work now, I want to work now," Sha tells her, in tears. "And honestly, it's almost making me not want it anymore."

Sha had hoped to resolve her issues with Danika, but the conversation takes a turn for the worse: Shaniece breaks down over the lack of momentum in her career, and Danika storms out, feeling disrespected by Sha in her own home.

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