Reality TV Star Evelyn Lozada: "I Had a Real Anger Problem"

Season 1 Episode 101
Aired on 07/11/2015 | CC tv-14
In 2012, spiritual life coach Iyanla Vanzant traveled to Miami to meet Evelyn Lozada, a woman known to millions as the unpredictable, hot-tempered star of the reality TV series Basketball Wives. During their heart-to-heart discussion, Evelyn opened up about her greatest fears, her relationships and the shame she felt when her stepdaughters saw her behavior on television.

As Evelyn started down the path to self-discovery, she took time away from the spotlight and took Iyanla's advice to heart. "I had a real anger problem. Thank god for Iyanla for bringing things to my attention. If someone didn't come to me the way she did, very straight-up and in your face, I wouldn't have listened," Evelyn says. "But I knew she knew what she was talking about, and that's why I felt comfortable talking to her." Watch as Evelyn shares one of the major ways she's changed her life over the past three years.

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