Evelyn Works at Burns Original BBQ: "My Hands Can Get Dirty"

Season 1 Episode 111
Aired on 05/21/2016 | CC tv-14
While in Texas, Evelyn decides to spend a frenzied day working at Carl's family's local BBQ restaurant with her niece, Mia, and enjoys some quality time with her fiancé's family. She's eager to prove that she can "get her hands dirty" with the best of them, but Mia turns out to be the especially skilled worker.

"Mia really, really blew my mind," Evelyn says, marveling at her niece. "Mia's gonna take care of me when she's older."

After their long day of work, Evelyn tells Mia how impressed she was with her focus and diligence. She explains how she tries her best the fill the void left by Mia's father's untimely death, and be a support for her nieces, and, now, Evelyn couldn't be prouder of Mia and her sister.

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