Evelyn Surprises a Domestic Violence Survivor with a Meaningful Gift

Season 1 Episode 114
Aired on 06/11/2016 | CC
Evelyn reaches out to a fan named Chris who contacted her on Instagram. Chris is a survivor of domestic violence whose personal story really touched Evelyn. Evelyn decides to surprise Chris by flying her out to LA to spend time with her and hear her story. Chris tells Evelyn how she was involved in an abusive relationship, and describes how her teeth were badly damaged.

"That was the night I said, that's it. No more, "Chris explains. "I can't go back… for my kids, I need to be alive."

As with Evelyn's scar on her forehead, Ev understands that the damage to Chris's teeth is a constant reminder of the abuse she suffered. Evelyn and Chris are both moved to tears after Ev gives Chris a meaningful gift hoping to bring her happiness after the harrowing ordeal she has endured.

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