Evelyn and Sha Share an Emotional Breakthrough in Therapy

Season 1 Episode 114
Aired on 06/11/2016 | CC tv-14
In her ongoing therapy sessions, Shaniece has a breakthrough when she determines that one of her issues is closely tied to Evelyn. Sha decides that she would benefit from a double therapy session with her mother, if Ev would be willing to join. Ev agrees to attend, and as soon as she sits down, it's clear this is going to be an emotional session for them both.

With the help of her therapist, Sha tells Evelyn that she carries her mother's pain and worries for her well-being. Evelyn cries as she reassures her Shaniece that she's doing much better now and that it's okay for Sha to move on like she has. Ev apologizes for what her daughter has had to go through with her, telling Sha that she has always done the best she can as a mother and she always will.

"I couldn't control these things that happened to me," Evelyn says during the session. "As your mother I felt like I had failed. Because it was such a dark period in my life and of course she's affected by it… I'm not perfect. I'm just trying to figure it out."

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