Why the Peetes Worry About R.J.'s Safety

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Holly and Rodney have always encouraged their autistic son, R.J., to be as independent as possible. R.J., who was once told by doctors that he would never talk, is now working, trying to get his driver's license, and is even thinking about moving out some day. However, in the wake of recent police shootings, Holly and Rodney say they worry about R.J.'s safety when he goes out on his own, and his emerging independence brings with it a host of new concerns for them, especially now that it might not be long before he'll be driving.

The biggest fear, Holly admits, is a possible run-in with law enforcement. "What if he gets stopped by the police?" Holly says. "What if he fits the description of someone they're looking for? And what if an interaction ensues and there's a misunderstanding, a sudden movement? All of these things have us in total fear."

Here, Holly and Rodney share how they are teaching R.J. to navigate police encounters with the help of Charles Kinsey, who was shot by police while attending to a young autistic man under his care.

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