The Peetes on Parenting: Who's the Bigger Pushover?

Season 1
Aired on 03/19/2016 | CC tv-pg
Hollywood power couple Holly Robinson Peete and Rodney Peete are coming to OWN, and they're bringing the whole family with them! They've had their hands full raising four kids and managing Holly's powerhouse mother, Dolores, but they always keep it together by keeping the laughs coming. ‪

‪Holly and Rodney are not afraid to speak candidly about the challenges of marriage and parenting, and they always do so with a good sense of humor. When asked whom the bigger pushover is when it comes to parenting, Holly does not hesitate to share her opinion, but will Rodney agree with her? The duo also reveals their thoughts on who is the more embarrassing parent and who has the best moves on the dance floor.