The Peetes Clean House

Season 1 Episode 109
CC | tv-pg
The Peetes are doing some spring-cleaning! The family decides to give some of their old things to Goodwill to make way for their next chapter—and a new spare bedroom, with Ryan going away to college. As they make a few last-minute additions to (and subtractions from) their boxes full of stuff, ā€ˇPatrick McClenahan, president and CEO of Goodwill Southern California, a friend of the Peetes, makes a special house call to pick up their donation.

"I explained to the kids," Holly tells Patrick. "They know we always have to give back and purge with a purpose."

Watch as the Peetes say goodbye to years' worth of sentimental clutter. Plus, find out what surprise Patrick has in store for Rodney that puts an ear-to-ear grin on the former quarterback's face.

Tune in to the season premiere on Saturday, February 18, at 10/9c, only on OWN.

Learn how you can donate to Goodwill.

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