Ryan and Dolores Share Their Exciting Secrets

Season 1 Episode 108
Aired on 05/07/2016 | CC tv-pg
Ryan and and her grandma hang out in the side house where Dolores in now living. While the ladies catch up, they exchange a couple of very exciting developments in each of their lives. Ryan tells Dolores that she's decided to take the plunge and perform her music at an open mic night to try and tackle her shy inclinations head-on. Dolores couldn't be more excited and can't wait to support her talented granddaughter.

Then, it's Dolores turn to share her exciting news: She met a man who makes her giddy. Dolores admits she isn't totally sure about her date, but she's going to give it a shot anyhow. Ryan fully supports her grandma and tells her there's someone out there for everyone, and that she ought to give it a chance.

"How did you get older than me?" asks Dolores.

"I don't know; I watch a lot of TV," responds her witty granddaughter.

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