Will Rodney Change His Mind About Home Schooling?

Season 1 Episode 111
Aired on 03/04/2017 | CC
Holly seems fairly certain that her youngest boys, Robinson and Roman, could benefit from home schooling. Rodney, however, isn't so sure. So, the Peetes meet with a local group of homes-schooling parents in an effort to find out more about how it all works—and Rodney is completely candid about his concerns regarding home schooling's seeming lack of structure for his sons.

"Life doesn't start at 10:30, 11 as they get older," Rodney tells the group. "When they go to college or they go anywhere else—a job—they're not going to be able to say, 'Okay, I want to start it at 10:30.'"

However, in talking with the other parents, Rodney begins to see past the stereotypes of home schooling. Watch to see what the other parents say to open Rodney's mind to another possibility for his boys.

Original airdate: March 4, 2017

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