How Those Who Don't Test Well Can Still Get a Driver's Permit

Season 1 Episode 113
CC | tv-pg
When R.J. was diagnosed with autism as a little boy, Holly and Rodney were told that he would never drive a car. Nevertheless, R.J. proved everyone wrong by finally getting his driver's permit. The process was not without its challenges, though. He failed the written test three times because of his difficulty processing written information. Luckily, Holly discovered that R.J. had the option to take an oral test instead, which ended up making all the difference.

"Another autism mommy gave me an amazing tip that you could actually request an oral test if you can prove that your son or daughter doesn't process the written test very well," Holly says. "That's not something that I knew."

Find out what Holly and Rodney learned about how you can help a person with autism get his or her permit by better utilizing the resources available through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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