Holly's Brother Opens Up About Living with Parkinson's Disease

Season 1 Episode 113
Matt Robinson, Holly Robinson Peete's older brother, has experienced firsthand the effects of Parkinson's disease. He watched his father struggle with the disease until it claimed his life in 2002. Matt himself has been living with early-onset Parkinson's, but he says he doesn't let the disease get in the way of living a full, healthy life.

"To help some of the more painful moments, I will take very brisk walks. Stretching helps also; yoga is really good for it," he says. "Some of the medicines they have right now really make you feel, sometimes, that you don't have the disease at all."

Watch as Matt opens up about his struggle with Parkinson's, and reveals some of the successful strategies he's found to help prevent the worsening of the disease over time.

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