Dolores on Age: "Get Over the Damn Numbers"

Season 1 Episode 114
Aired on 03/25/2017 | CC tv-pg
Dolores Robinson has overcome a lot in her 80 years. As she puts it, "In my early years, it was racism. In my middle years, it was sexism. And in these years, it's ageism."

As Dolores says during a ladies' luncheon with her friends—including Rose Rock (Chris Rock's mother), Robbie Montgomery (Welcome to Sweetie Pie's), Jennifer Lee Pryor (Richard Pryor's widow) and childhood friend Ledley Smith—age itself shouldn't mean much. "Get over the damn numbers," Dolores says. "Look how much life you have to live if you stop counting numbers."

Rose then points out that no matter one's age, they're all still looking for Prince Charming. Dolores agrees.

"I've spent my entire life taking care of people," Dolores says. "I would just like to know, for one time in my life, what it would be like for me to take care of somebody and they take care of me back."

Here, Dolores and her friends speak candidly about the challenges they face—and make it clear that they can do without the patronization of their children.

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