Oprah gets frustrated trying to leave Las Vegas.

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A restful night's sleep at the luxurious Wynn Hotel puts the cross-country adventurers in a great mood. Oprah and Gayle even bring a few souvenirs from the Wynn along for the ride. "We took all the lotions and the soaps!" Gayle says.

Day two takes a turn for the worse just minutes into the seven-hour drive to Sedona, Arizona. While in search of a grocery store to stock up on healthy snacks, Oprah and Gayle get turned around near the Vegas strip. "We hadn't even gone a mile, and we were lost," Gayle says.

After 10 minutes of U-turns, Oprah says she's ready to give up and head out on the highway. "Ms. Winfrey's losing her pleasing personality," Gayle says. "And it's not pretty." With Gayle behind the wheel, things inside the Impala were about to get ugly.