Oprah and cameraman at her home

What has Oprah gotten herself into? That's what she'd like to know, with map in hand, talking to the show producer, before leaving Santa Barbara. Bon voyage, and good luck, crew!
Producer Jack Mori

Producer all-star Jack Mori wonders how he'll make it through 3,600 miles with his team in an RV. Soon, the crew discovered they couldn't keep up with Oprah and Gayle on the highway, and had to switch to an SUV!
Oprah orders lunch while the crew observes.

What shall Oprah have for lunch? A good meal should give everyone an energy boost for more miles ahead. The waitress—and crew—wait for the verdict.
Audio and camera equipment for the road trip in the Chevy Impala

How did we get to watch and hear the play-by-play inside of Oprah's and Gayle's Chevy Impala while on the road? "Stop singing so loud!" "Talk to me while I'm driving!" Cameras and lots of audio equipment, of course.
Reviewing the Big Adventure itinerary

The Oprah and Gayle's Big Adventure production team reviews their itinerary for the day. A concerned "Are we there yet?" seems to read on the faces of the two stars.
Looking at mountains on Oprah and Gayle's Big Adventure

Road stops with pretty scenery were aplenty—a great chance for the "cast" and crew to take a breather and let the emotion and spirit of the trip sink in. In addition to filming the adventure, there were many Kodak moments taken by all the roadies.
Oprah and Gayle's Big Adventure Production Team

Another day on the road, another adventure. Jack Mori and show team get ready for their day with confident smiles. From left: Jack, Ray Dotch, Leigh Posner, Brian Piotriowicz and Alex Castro.
Gayle and Oprah enjoy watching some cattle-roping

Gayle and Oprah enjoy watching some cattle-roping at a ranch while the crew catches the action.
Oprah holding some car snacks

The crew made sure Oprah and Gayle were stocked with the most essential items for life on the road—snacks, of course!
Oprah, Gayle and production crew crash a wedding.

Everyone sure did clean up nicely...to crash a wedding in Tulsa, Oklahoma!
Gayle gasses up the Chevy Impala

Before belting out another tune behind the wheel, Gayle gases up the Chevy Impala for another day of song.
Fans wave to Oprah and Gayle during their Big Adventure

Everywhere Oprah, Gayle and the production crew went, they were greeted with good old-fashioned American hospitality.
Oprah and Gayle's production team get in a water gun fight.

The production team blows off some steam...with a water gun fight in the middle of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Harpo production crew jokes around on the road trip.

What happens on the road trip...stays on the road trip.
Oprah and Gayle's Big Adventure production team

It took a village to make Oprah and Gayle's Big Adventure happen...special thanks to a great team! Think you're ready for your own big adventure? Start planning your own road trip!