Oprah's trainer, Chris Robinson

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After paying their respects to Elvis Presley and Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis, Oprah and Gayle pointed their Chevy north and began the last leg of their cross-country adventure.

While traveling through the South, Oprah indulged in gas station grub and a buffet fit for the King. Chris Robinson, Oprah's trainer and core coach, couldn't keep her away from Dairy Queen ice cream and malted milkshakes, but he did help her reach her goal weight once the road trip was over!

Fitness guru Bob Greene introduced Oprah to Chris, a Pilates expert who specializes in strengthening the body's core, and the rest is history! Tabloids have reported that Oprah crash dieted over the summer, but she says she got down to 154 pounds the old-fashioned way...exercise!

Strengthen your core with exercise tips from Chris!

Although Gayle hasn't reached her goal weight, she truly enjoyed her training sessions with Chris during the road trip. "I think he's adorable," Gayle said. "He's very sexy. He has a beautiful smile ... have you seen him without a shirt?"