Oprah in a Sedona, Arizona, grocery store

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During the first leg of Oprah and Gayle's cross-country adventure, the friends fought over the radio, partied in Sin City, sipped root beer along Route 66 and experienced a minor meltdown. What detours are in store during the drive across Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado?

By the end of day two, Oprah and Gayle were already sick of gas station grub. On day one, Oprah says she ate two bags of potato chips and graham crackers. With the Tony Awards® less than a week away, Oprah and Gayle vowed to start eating healthier snacks so that they could fit into their dresses!

After arriving in Sedona, Arizona, they went in search of a good, old-fashioned grocery store. Once inside, Oprah and Gayle stocked up on bunches of bananas, Fuji apples, yogurt and green tea.

While they were in the neighborhood, the travelers decided to stop and shop for a few other necessities.