Oprah and Gayle

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In accordance with universal road trip rules, the driver gets to control the radio, which is something Gayle's been looking forward to—and Oprah's been dreading—since Santa Barbara. With their XM Satellite Radio tuned to The Heart, Gayle begins her Chevrolet concert series.

At first, Oprah sings along. "I decide I'm going to be a good sport about," she says. "I thought maybe if I participate, she'll get tired and turn off the radio. I got tired...she didn't." Oprah, who prefers to drive in silence and "be alone with her thoughts," tries distracting herself with her Kodak digital camera. When that doesn't work, Oprah plugs her ears with her secret weapon—headphones.

Gayle belts out one song after another, from "My Girl" by the Temptations to Kelly Clarkson's "A Moment Like This." Even after 30 years of friendship, Gayle says she had no idea that Oprah liked to drive in silence. "We're normally being driven and we're normally going short distances, so it really was kind of shocking," she says.