Oprah and her margarita

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After driving 400 miles and schmoozing with famous "celebrities," Oprah and Gayle have worked up quite an appetite. Gayle made her love of food well known when she went in search of the best burger and best cake in America, so how could she pass up one of the world's biggest buffets? "Nobody likes a buffet better than Gayle King," Oprah says.

Once inside the Carnival World Buffet at the Rio Hotel, the edible offerings stretch from one end of the room to the other. Oprah and Gayle have their choice of everything from sushi to pizza to crab legs! After Oprah's first full day on the road, she says she needs something a little stronger...a fish bowl-sized margarita should do the trick! "One day down, about 3,000 miles to go," she says. "No problem."