Amy Reeves

Photo: Alex Martinez

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Amy Reeves, 41

Weight: 140
BMI: 22.9
Pant size: 10

Weight: 123 BMI: 20.2
Pant size: 4

"My goal was not only to change my own life but to teach my kids how to change their lives. And I think we've accomplished that. We used to spend a lot of time in front of the TV. But since boot camp we'll spend our family time taking a walk or a bike ride, or cooking a healthy dinner together (fish and roasted sweet potato fries is our favorite). My husband and I have become each other's greatest motivators. We have a running joke now: When we're planning a meal or thinking about what we'll do with our day, someone will always ask, 'What would Bob do?' We have a full life, and we deserve it."