Last month we followed three O readers to Bob Greene's Better Body Boot Camp—a program designed by Oprah's personal trainer to help women break through their personal barriers to weight loss. Here's a progress report on their first six weeks back home.

Kerri Castellini, 30

Washington, D.C.
Goal: To get past a plateau and drop another 20 pounds.

What's been surprisingly easy:
"I usually put in ten- or 11-hour days at the law firm where I work, and I never thought I'd be able to exercise five times a week. But once I made a commitment to work out for at least 30 minutes a day, I was shocked at how consistent I could be. I'm now down to 160 pounds from 168."

What keeps her motivated:
"Yolanda and Amy are my cheerleaders. We talk at least once a week. If one of us hasn't dropped any weight, we'll say encouraging things and remind each other it's all part of the process."

Amy Reeves, 40

Goal: To gain control of her diet and set an example for her kids.

What's been surprisingly easy:
"Cooking! My children and I are always running around in the evening, to and from baseball games and cheerleading practice. In the past, I would think, 'All we have time to do is grab fast food for dinner.' But I've discovered that making a quick salad or sandwich takes no more time than waiting in line at the drive-through."

What keeps her motivated:
"Before boot camp, I could barely lift a five-pound weight. Now I'm doing exercises with ten- to 15-pound weights. My butt is getting smaller. My face is getting thinner. I can feel muscles in my abs, thighs, and arms. I have lost eight pounds so far. There's been a ripple effect in my family, too. My son has shed a few pounds alongside me."

Yolanda Duckworth, 48

Shreveport, Louisiana
Goal: To be able to wear a bikini with confidence by her 50th birthday.

What's been surprisingly easy:
"I daydreamed about Popeyes fried chicken the whole time I was at boot camp, so I thought it'd be torture to avoid it once I left. I take care of my mom, and I pass by a Popeyes on my way to her house every day. But I haven't stopped once—not a single slip-up. I am on a mission, and making good decisions feels empowering."

What keeps her motivated:
"I've dropped from a size 14 to a size 10. Clothes that I haven't worn in 15 years fit me better now than when I first bought them. The compliments I get from colleagues make me laugh to myself. They will say, "Such a pretty dress," and I'm thinking, 'If only you knew how old it is.' All the new looks I get from gentlemen don't hurt, either."

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