Yolanda Duckworth

Photo: Shane Kislack

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Yolanda Duckworth, 49
Shreveport, Louisiana
Hospital coordinator

Weight: 160
BMI: 31.2
Pant Size: 14

Weight: 130
BMI: 25.4
Pant size: 10

"By changing my diet and exercising, I've reduced my chances of getting diabetes and heart disease—both of which run in my family. That's been the big win: my health. I'm also more open emotionally now that I feel better physically. And I'm more connected. I speak to my friends (both near and far) more often, whereas before we only exchanged sporadic e-mails. I call them up because I have more things to talk about; my life is much busier now. I'm rediscovering my spirituality. I'm becoming a runner. Next on my list is finding a partner to share it all with. I know now that the best part of my life is yet to come."