Yolanda Duckworth

Photo: J.R. Mankoff (left), Shane Kislack (right)

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Yolanda Duckworth, 48
Shreveport, Louisiana; Hospital coordinator

Before:                After:
Dress size: 10      Dress size:10
BMI: 31.2              BMI: 26
Weight: 160          Weight: 133

Her Greatest Surprise
"I have biceps! The first time I noticed them, I was looking in the mirror, combing my hair, when I flexed my arm and thought, 'Where did that come from?'"

Her Biggest Relief
"I'm a Louisiana girl, and I like fried everything. But now that I'm eating a balanced diet, I don't get cravings like before; I don't know where they went, but wherever they are, I hope they stay there."

Her Best Advice
"When you don't have time to work out, ask, 'What's more important: the thing I'm rushing off to do, or me?'"