Wine glasses

Credits: Photograph, Gentl & Hyers; Styling, Sabine Tucker

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Wine Glasses
Select traditional stemmed glasses, in the top row, or contemporary designs, in the bottom row. Susan says when choosing, "Don't be too serious. Break the rules! The wine police aren't going to arrest you."

Pressed for storage space? Choose a moderately sized red-wine glass and use it for reds and whites. Note that the O Glass by Riedel (center bottom), now available only in pink, benefits Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

Top, left to right: Josef Hoffman wineglass, $100, Takashimaya; Crystal WineGlass with Pewter Stem, $65, Match; Crystal WineGlass, $10, La Cafetière; Crystal Burgundy Glass, $10, La Cafetière; Crystal Vinum Pinot Noir Glass, $50 for a set of two, Riedel; Rosso Amarone Glass, $43.98, Bottega del Vino.

Bottom, left to right: Warda Glass, $42 for a set of six, Justmorocco; Bistro Glass, $1.75, Broadway Panhandler; O Glass, $28 for a set of two, Riedel; Murano Ripple Glass, $80, Nicole Farhi; Murano Spiral Glass, $80, Nicole Farhi; Stem Glass, $45, Takashimaya.