Sweet yogurt toppings

Illustration: Lisa Greene

Whether you're a jam-on-toast kind of breakfast eater or you like to indulge in an after-dinner treat, these combinations will satisfy your sweet tooth without giving you a sugar crash.

Honey + slivered almonds + chopped, fresh figs

Apricot + pistachios + cardamom

Strawberries + white chocolate chips

Crushed graham crackers + mini marshmallows + mini chocolate chips
Salty yogurt toppings

Illustration: Lisa Greene

Tangy, plain Greek yogurt is a surprisingly terrific match for salty flavors. Just a pinch of flaky sea salt can give your bowl an intriguing edge and enhance the taste of the other mix-ins.

Sea salt + peanut butter + cacao nibs

Chopped, salted macadamia nuts + cardamom + maple syrup

Cooked sweet potato + salted pecans + chili powder

Cucumber + olive oil + mint + sea salt
Sour yogurt toppings

Illustration: Lisa Greene

At first glance, the tart flavors found in citrus fruits and other acidic foods may not seem like a natural fit for yogurt. Yet the zest from a lemon, or a few shavings of bitter dark chocolate, add an unexpected kick.

Blueberry + lemon zest + chia seeds

Lime zest + kiwifruit

Dark chocolate + raspberries

Cantaloupe + nutmeg
Spicy yogurt toppings

Illustration: Lisa Greene

Whether you want to start your day with some zip or need an afternoon pick-me-up, these inventive ideas bring just the right amount of heat to nicely complement the cool and creamy base.

Jalapeño + mango + puffed-rice cereal

Cinnamon + banana + coconut

Chopped, crystallized ginger + orange segments

Black pepper + plums + vanilla
Yogurt toppings

Illustration: Lisa Greene