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Raw Cacao Nibs
Are we really telling you that chocolate is a superfood? You bet. To be specific, we're talking about raw cacao nibs, which are essentially pieces of raw chocolate without anything extra added to it.

What's so super about them? The little nibs are packed with flavonoids, antioxidants and magnesium.

What do they taste like? They're crunchy, with a deep chocolate flavor that's a little bitter (since there's no sugar added) and nutty.

Get them into my life: Susan Jane White, a food writer and blogger in Dublin whose new book is entitledThe Virtuous Tart, makes something called Hippie Dust (a combo of cacao nibs, coconut sugar, chia seeds, sesame or hemp seeds and cinnamon) and sprinkles it over oatmeal or yogurt. She even keeps a jar in her desk drawer "for Code Red situations"; the magnesium, in particular, may help boost immunity and serve as a mood booster. You can also mix them into these energy balls, which taste wonderfully like raw cookie dough.