New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady adheres to a famously strict diet: according to his personal chef Allen Campbell, it's 80 percent vegetables and the list of off-the-table foods is long (avoiding everything from tomatoes to yogurt). Brady admits his meal plan is "pretty disciplined," but he sticks with it because, he says, the diet helps him stay in peak football shape.

Restrictions aside, this delicious frittata from Brady's new book The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance feels almost indulgent. Yes, it's healthy—there are fiber-rich broccoli and collard greens, as well as protein from one whole egg and an egg white—yet it also has carbs (hello, potato and brown rice) and the serving size is impressive, so you'll feel full all morning.

With a bit of planning, you can pull this dish off on a weekday morning—you just need to bake the potato for about a half hour (you'll only end up using a quarter cup of it, though, so you can save the rest for another meal). Dice the baked spud into small pieces and sauté it in coconut oil until it's crisp; add garlic and broccoli florets, and then cooked brown (or red) rice and chopped collards. Next comes the protein: You pour a whole (whisked) egg plus an additional white over the vegetables and rice, and let the egg cook. Flip it with a spatula, finish cooking and slide it onto a plate or cutting board and slice into wedges.

The meal has a nice balance of texture—crunch from the potato and rice, smoothness from the egg—and is speckled with plenty of vibrant green. It's savory and tasty, and might even overtake avocado toast as MVP of our breakfast rotation.

Get the recipe: Potato and Broccoli Frittata


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