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Lukas Volger's new book, BOWL, brims with brilliant noodle-broth ideas. Cherry-pick the toppings you like, or follow the full recipes—either way, you'll be floored by just how delicious this dorm-room classic can be.

Bean Sprouts + Nori + Scallions + Tofu + Boiled Eggs + Garlic Chips + Frizzled Shallots + Chili Oil

This ramen is as straightforward as it gets—but that definitely doesn't mean it's boring. Lukas Volger starts with a rich, flavorful broth made from kombu, an edible kelp common in Japanese cooking, which you can find in the Asian section of most large supermarkets. The other players (aside from the requisite ramen noodles) are mung bean sprouts, squares of nori (dried seaweed, also found in the Asian aisle), thinly sliced scallions and cubed tofu. And while Volger advises using a light hand with toppings, he also suggests a few key additions, which go nicely with the broth's flavor: boiled eggs, crispy garlic chips, frizzled shallots and chili oil.

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