Galletti pasta

Photo: Stefano Graziani

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Looking at Pasta in a Whole New Way
There are hundreds of different types of pasta available, yet we always find ourselves reaching for the familiar bow ties, ziti or linguine. And while we'd never abandon those old standbys, a new book, Pasta by Design, by architect George L. Legendre (who shares an office with a pasta-loving Italian), makes a convincing—and beautiful—case for trying something new the next time we make macaroni and cheese (like galletti, pictured here). Legendre examines more than 90 forms of the beloved carb from a design standpoint and a culinary view, noting the mathematical formulas behind each shape and explaining why one variety is perfect for a brothy soup while another is just the thing for a meaty Bolognese. Here are six we can't wait to try (and where to find them if your grocery doesn't keep them in stock).