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An Egg Dish That Could Double As Pop Art
Not only are zucchini and tomato compatible flavor-wise, but when you slice them up, they turn an egg-white frittata into a thing of beauty, with perfect circles of vegetables making the side view of each portion dazzle. Cut it into wedges and individually wrap each one for a grab-and-go weekday breakfast; or, cut into squares for a brunch-ready finger food.

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The Totally Justifiable Way to Eat Dessert for Breakfast
Our two favorite meals (what, dessert isn't a meal?) meet in this sweet yet healthy oatmeal. It's as simple as stirring in a third of a cup of blackberries when the oatmeal's almost finished cooking. Then you top the bowl with chopped walnuts, a few more blackberries and a crushed graham cracker for a bit of crunch.

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An Unexpected Morning Casserole
French toast and strata top the list of most popular bake-it-in-one-pan breakfasts, but enchiladas deserve a spot there, too. They're just as easy to make ahead, taste rich and filling and have the added bonus of being already portioned into individual servings. An egg and sausage mixture goes on top of each tortilla; then you roll it up and place it in the pan. A milk and cheese sauce binds everything together, and when the dish comes out of the oven, it's a snap to serve everyone his or her own piece.

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The 4-Ingredient Frappé
If you've got five minutes, you can blend your own iced coffee-house drink, and make it just as sweet or as strong you like it. The secret is to brew a cup and a half of double-strength coffee the night before and stash it in the refrigerator. In the morning, just pour it into a blender with milk, sugar and ice for a thick and creamy caffeinated shake.

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Dr. Oz's Fat-Burning Breakfast

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A Dr. Oz-Approved A.M. Sandwich (That Could Also Win a Beauty Contest)
We love the traditional egg-and-cheese-on-an-English-muffin, but there's no denying it could use some color. The addition of avocado and tomato (plus a drizzle of olive oil) do that and much more, injecting fresh flavor, and, says Dr. Oz, burning fat.

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Breakfast pizza

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A Late-Night Way to Enjoy Early-Morning Classics
Making pizza in the morning may sound strange—but these combinations make sense even if you haven't had your coffee yet. One pairs typical bagel toppings (smoked salmon and cream cheese); another combines bacon, eggs and cheddar.

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Oatmeal You Can Proudly Serve at Brunch
Serving oatmeal casserole-style is a great way to present the standard oats dish to a crowd. And, you can prepare the entire thing the night before. You stir the oats into milk that's been spiked with sugar, vanilla, salt, lemon zest and nutmeg. Bake it right away, or cover and refrigerate until the morning. When the bubbling oats come out of the oven, you spoon a topping made from strawberries, mint, sugar and a dash of balsamic vinegar onto each portion, bringing a sophisticated edge to a basic breakfast dish.

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A Midmorning Pick-Me-Up
This smoothie contains good-for-you pineapple, kale and...artichokes? These ingredients may seem like an unlikely trio, but fresh mint and lemon juice add a bright and zippy note, balancing out the flavors nicely.

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