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They check in before dinner.
These days, you'd be hard-pressed to find a nutritionist who doesn't plan her meals—but Blaire Newhard, a dietitian in Oceanside, CA, has one caveat to the process: Be flexible. Every day before dinnertime, she and her husband check in with each other to compare notes on their day's activities, because sometimes the events of the day don't pair with the meal they've got planned. Did they get to exercise, or were they stuck at their desks for most of the day? Was there a 3 p.m. office-birthday celebration, or did they not snack all day? Then, they can figure out whether it would make sense to eat that hearty turkey chili they'd initially planned for the night, or if the salad with poached salmon would be more appropriate. Having a 4 p.m. "How's the day going?" check-in with yourself, or your spouse, is a great way to ensure you end the day with the meal your body needs.