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A Restaurant-Caliber Dessert, Minus the Fuss
This brilliant recipe for creme brulee begins similarly to most—combine egg yolks, sugar, vanilla, cream and milk; pour into ramekins. But the next step is a lot easier (and, perhaps not suprisingly, given the Instant Pot's reputation for speed, faster). Instead of placing the ramekins on a rimmed baking sheet and carefully pouring enough water onto the sheet to come halfway up the sides and then ever-so-gently slipping the sheet into the oven, you just cover each ramekin tightly with foil, place them on the Instant Pot's steam rack (you can even stack them) and cook on low pressure for 18 minutes (compare that to 40 to 45 in an oven). As with other recipes, you refrigerate the cooked custard until it's set and finish with the signature sprinkling of sugar that you caramelize under the broiler or with a blowtorch.

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