It is difficult for adults to imagine seeing a blade of green grass, a sunset or a sunrise for the first time. Country singer and songwriter Jo Dee Messina says through the eyes of her baby boy, Noah, she's seeing things anew. His wonderment inspired her to write "That's God," the first single off of her forthcoming album, Unmistakable.

"There is no cynicism in a child's eyes," Messina says. "Noah inspires me every day."

She's bubbly and excited sitting in her Nashville home office—her son, husband and little dog by her side. She smiles and points out the window, saying: "My mom lives just across the street. Family is everything."

As is her music. Unmistakable, which will be released April 15, is her first studio album in five years. And no, she didn't take a break. She's toured and been in the recording studio consistently. If fact, much of the new album was written a few years ago; however, much to her frustration, the release kept being postponed by the record label. In the meantime, she got married and had Noah. When asked if she's the perfect mom, she laughs. "Who is? We're just people doing our best to get through life. I'm learning every day. It's given me a new perspective."

Messina is getting into top shape by jogging with a trainer every day to loose her baby weight and get ready for a year of touring. She hits the road March 11 in Missouri with dates booked through October, including a five-night, seven-show residency at New York City's Feinstein's at the Regency with just a piano and four backing musicians, March 16–20. In these intimate shows, she'll take requests and chat with the audience. "No two shows are the same," she says. "I really get to connect with the fans." Her husband and baby boy will of course be on the road with her.


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