Jamie Oliver wants to change the way this country eats—and he's starting in the most overweight city in America. Watch how Jamie's changing minds and saving lives on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on ABC.

Read a Q&A from Jamie about Episode 4 of his fight to eat right.
Q: Do you think you need to be up against tough challenges in order to succeed?

A: In a way, I do think it's necessary. If you ever do something like this and feel comfortable, then you know you are not doing a good enough job because in order to make big changes, sometimes you need to be uncomfortable, you need to be pushing the boundaries, you need to be feeling like you are a bit vulnerable, and we did for sure.

I think if you are really passionate about a project, you have to get to know the people who are going to stand in your way, so hopefully you can work with them and try and change their minds. No one likes change. I've really learned that over the years and am quite used to going into situations where people are not that partial to me. Ultimately, I really believed in what I was trying to do in Huntington. If I hadn't, I would not have felt as confident going in there in the first place.


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