How a Gospel Song Became the Latest Viral Dance Craze

In Snoop Dogg’s latest music video, he’s wrapping about a Thanksgiving feast as a short video loops on his phone of a gospel singer passionately reciting a list of Thanksgiving favorites over a trap beat: “Beans, greens, potatoes, lamb, rams, hogs, maws...” When she reaches the end of her list, she shouts out, “You name it!”

The woman on Snoop’s phone is none other than legendary gospel singer Shirley Caesar. In November 2016, someone named DJ Suede the Remix God remixed a live performance of Shirley’s 1988 song “Hold My Mule” adding a hip-hop beat underneath it. Chris Brown recorded himself dancing to the the infectious tune, which led others to create their own videos to share on social media with the hashtag #UNameItChallenge.

When WhereAreTheyNow.Buzz caught up with Shirley, we asked what she hopes happens next for the viral phenomenon. “I think that now that we have Snoop Dogg, I’d like to see a female do it,” Shirley says. “I’d like to see Missy Elliott.”

Additionally, Shirley says everyone appreciates Snoop’s gesture, including church-going folks. “May I thank Snoop Dogg for doing such a marvelous job, even the church accepts it... so thank you, Snoop!”

Shirley is hoping fans of the #UNameItChallenge visit her new website, UNameItShirley, where she is selling #UNameIt gear with the proceeds going to families in need.
Published 11/28/2016
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