A Follow-Up with Oprah's Look-Alike

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What's it like bearing an uncanny resemblance to one of the world's most recognized women? Caroline Hodge, a flight attendant from a small town in North Carolina who happens to look quite a bit like Oprah, started getting a lot of surprised looks when The Oprah Winfrey Show gained prominence in the late '80s.

At first, Caroline says, she didn't understand why people were staring—and it made her feel angry. Over time, however, she came to embrace the attention, and shortly before introducing herself to Oprah in 2004, she met a talent scout on one of her flights who filled her in on the details of the celebrity-impersonation business. Today, she's retired from her main job, but she still occasionally appears as Oprah at events and parties.

Here, we check back in with Caroline to see what she's up to today.