A Giddy LeToya Luckett on Her Surprise Engagement

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LeToya Luckett is on cloud nine. The beloved actress and singer, who has a recurring role on OWN's Greenleaf, recently announced a surprise engagement to Dallas entrepreneur Tommicus Walker, and her joy is palpable.

"For a man I know who has an awesome relationship with God, a man who I know is going to lead our household, such a man with a great heart, to ask for my hand in marriage, I was like, 'God I've done something right,'" LeToya tells OWN.

The proposal came as a total shock. LeToya brought Tommicus to a restaurant to surprise him for his birthday. Tommicus had different plans.

When the couple sat for their meal, LeToya's family and friends jumped out from behind a wall and a video montage chronicling the couple's relationship from first date to that moment was projected. LeToya's reaction? "Oh my God. Oh my God. What is happening?"

The next thing she knew, Tommicus fell to one knee, took her hand and popped the question. Here, LeToya recounts the magic moment as she's still basking in its glow.

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