Why Should I Care?

Wisconsin is one of the few states where a high-profile governor is in danger of losing his seat.

Who Do I Need to Know?

Gov. Scott Walker (R, Incumbent): You know him as the gov. who caused weeks of protests in the state capitol building in 2011 over eliminating certain bargaining privileges for unions. That led to a recall vote against him, but all the publicity also made him a GOP golden boy. Golden Boy's reportedly got a big dream house in mind—hint: it's White—but he's got a ways to go.

Mary Burke (D): She's a she. First woman nominated to a major party in Wisconsin for the gov. seat. Burke's high-gear in other ways too—she used to be an exec at a big bike company, and was also the state commerce secretary. She may or may not have taken a "snowboarding sabbatical" at some point. Don’t ask.

What Are the Issues?

The Economy: The main issue in this campaign, and Walker's weak spot. Burke says he has a follow-through problem, since he hasn't created as many jobs as he promised he would. Walker doesn't think Burke's record is so spot on, either. Glad we cleared that up.

Obama: Mr. President isn't too popular in Wisconsin right now, and Walker's aiming to use that against Burke, since she once worked for a former governor who is a big fan of Obama's.

Gimme Something to Say

Scott Walker (R) has always been anti-gay marriage. But now he's signaled that he's kinda-sorta changed his tune...by changing the subject. When asked about it, he said "Republicans haven’t been talking about this. We've been talking about economic and fiscal issues." Alright then.

I'm from Wisconsin. What Do I Need to Know About Voting?

October 15th is your deadline to register to vote by mail, if you’re voting in person. Download this, print it out and mail it in to your local clerk's office.

October 30th is your deadline to request an absentee ballot if you're going to be out of state on Election Day. Download this, print it out and mail it in to your local clerk's office.

October 31st is your deadline to register to vote in person. Just get to your local clerk's office by 5 p.m.

November 4th is Election Day. Get it done before Happy Hour—voting closes at 8 p.m. local time.


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