The Economy

What's the Issue?

While the numbers have gone from worse to less-worse, the economy still isn't great. And it's the issue where neither party is safe.

What the Right Says...

Bah humbug. Unemployment is too high, and the federal government's policies have done nothing but make it all worse.

What the Left Says...

Bah humbug. 2014 should've been the year to celebrate how President Obama turned things around. Not the case.

Which States Could Make the Difference?

Wisconsin: Incumbent Gov. Scott Walker (R) got into office by promising to bring jobs to WI. His opponent Mary Burke (D) says he hasn't delivered—and her ads on the issue are making voters think twice about whether their gov. Walkers the walk.

Florida: Polls have former Gov. Charlie Crist (D), who was in office during the recession, within a few points of incumbent Gov. Rick Scott (R), who has been in office during the state's recovery. Toss up as to what that means on Election Day.

Georgia: Georgia has the highest unemployment rate in the country. And Gov. Nathan Deal (R) isn't handling it well. He's accused the US Labor Dept. of shady accounting. To which the Labor Dept. said 'what's wrong with you.' So there's that.


The economy means jobs. And at the local level, that's what matters most.


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