Why Should I Care?

Notice a theme? Democrats would really—really—love to keep control of the Senate this year. But that all depends on a few key races, and North Carolina's high on the list. It's already the most expensive race in the state's history.

What Names Do I Need to Know?

Sen. Kay Hagan (D, Incumbent): One of many Dems who rode the Obama wave all the way to DC in '08. Obama's not so trendy anymore, and Hagan's doing her best to keep her distance and brand herself as a moderate.

Thom Tillis (R): North Carolina's Speaker of the House. Responsible for the state legislature's move to the right, to the right in the last few years. Getting big-name help from the national GOP—Mitt Romney stopped by to campaign.

What Are the Issues?

Obama: This race is all about having voters choose between Washington politics (read: Obama) and local politics. Tillis is making Hagan out to be Obama's BFF, while Hagan's describing herself as the "most moderate" senator you ever did see.

Social Issues: Does the phrase "war on women" ring a bell? It's the Dems favorite way to hit the GOP for policies that Dems say affect women's health issues. Hagan's bringing the "war" back, accusing Tillis of blocking Planned Parenthood funding and limiting access to abortions. Tillis recently decided he's OK with over-the-counter birth control, which Hagan says is just "politicking."

I'm from North Carolina. What Do I Need to Know About Voting?

October 10th is your deadline to register to vote, if you're voting in person. Download this, print it, sign it, and mail it in to your county's board of elections.

October 28th is your deadline to request an absentee ballot if you're going to be out of state on Election Day. Download this, and mail/ email/drop it off in person at your county's board of elections.

November 4th is Election Day. Get it done before Happy Hour—voting closes at 7:30 p.m. local time.


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