Why Should I Care?

The GOP is looking red-hot in the Senate races, but lots of Republican governors are in trouble. And Georgia's governor's race could be the closest. Meanwhile, a long-time GOP senator is on a midnight train to retiring, and one Democratic newbie candidate could get GA to go blue for the first time in over a decade. Big deal y'all.

What Names Do I Need to Know?

Gov. Nathan Deal (R, Incumbent): Deal got the job in 2010 when voters were turning on President Obama and Republican governors were all the rage. Now, he's trying not to get fired.

Jason Carter (D): Jimmy Carter didn't just used to be president—he was also the governor of Georgia. Jason is hoping to use his granddaddy's street cred to become Jason and The Giant Peach in the Governor's mansion.

David Perdue (R): Former Dollar General CEO who took down a GOP favorite in the primary by labeling himself "The Outsider." Loves his jean jacket. And thinks it's worth over a dollar.

Michelle Nunn (D): She was the CEO of a non-profit, and she's got some serious GA roots—her daddy was a popular Georgia senator for almost 25 years.

What Are the Issues?

Obama: In this case, both the POTUS and the FLOTUS. Turns out, Mrs. O really likes Michelles and has been showing off her support of Nunn. But it's not a zero-Nunn game as Perdue isn’t giving out a seal of approval and instead trying to use the president's unpopularity against her.

The Economy: Georgia's unemployment rate is the highest in the US, which Deal thinks is "fishy." Meanwhile, Perdue is promoting his private-sector street cred, promising he knows how to bring the jobs to GA.

Obamacare: Deal said 'no thanks' to Obamacare, and rejected federal cash to expand Medicaid in the state. Carter says he'd be all for the Medicaid money, which could help him get props from low-income voters.

Voter Turnout: Carter and Nunn both need black voters to turn out. Welcome to the South—where there are lots of reasons why that is easier said than done.

Gimme Something To Say

David Perdue aka "The Outsider" aired an ad where everyone in Washington was a big baby. Actual babies.

I'm from Georgia. What Do I Need to Know About Voting?

October 6th is your deadline to register to vote. Go to this page, fill out your info. You should get a confirmation email in two/three weeks. Their rules, not ours.

October 31st is your deadline to fill out an absentee ballot application if you're going to be out of state on Election Day. Send it your county registrar's office .

November 4th is Election Day. Polls close at 7 p.m. local time.


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