President Obama

What's the Issue?

President Obama's name isn’t on any of the ballots in this election, but it might as well be. The last time a president had approval ratings near these levels was Dubya 43 in '06, when Dems took the midterms by storm. Now, Republicans are hoping to snag the Senate, and the strategy is talking about Obama. A lot.

What the Right Says...

President Obama's got it wrong on everything: foreign policy, jobs, and immigration. And the Dems are just his "foot soldiers." Plus, don't get them started on Obamacare. They're not about repealing the law anymore, but they're calling it the symbol of all that's wrong with "big government."

What the Left Says...

They solemnly swear they are up to nothing related to President Obama. Dems loved him six years ago when everything was hopey-changey, but now that Obama’s not so popular anymore, they’re changing their tune.

Which States Could Make the Difference?

Kentucky: Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) is the guy who once said his number one priority is to make Obama a "one-term president." That didn’t work out, so McConnell’s spent this midterm season pretending that his Democratic opponent Alison Grimes is wearing an Obama mask.

Louisiana: Rep. Bill Cassidy (R) isn't letting his opponent forget that time she voted for Obamacare. He sponsored a House bill that would let consumers who lost coverage post-Obamacare get it back through 2018.

New Hampshire: President Obama won New Hampshire in the '12 election, but support for him has seriously declined. Scott Brown (R) has called Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D) Obama's "no. 1 foot soldier," and he'll try to link her to Barry’s agenda as much as possible.

Arkansas: Incumbent Sen. Mark Pryor (D) is one of the few Dems going on offense on Obamacare. In an ad, he talks about his battle with cancer, and how the health care law would have helped him get coverage for treatments that he had to pay for out of pocket.


Dems are in serious danger of losing control of the Senate this time around. And to try to keep it, lots of them have had to turn on their own president in the process.


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