Foreign Policy

What's the Issue?

President Obama's had to deal with just a few international crises lately. But the one grabbing voters' attention is ISIS—the Islamic militant group that's been terrorizing its way through Iraq since earlier this year. Now, less than three years after the US left Iraq, the US is militarily involved again. Leading Obama to admit recently that the US "underestimated" ISIS. You don't say?

What the Right Says...

Too little too late. President Obama—and the Dems—have misjudged ISIS all along, and have been too slow to react to the threat. Now, we've got a Grade A terror group that could plan attacks on the West next.

What the Left Says...

This isn’t good. Next question, please.

Which States Could Make the Difference?

New Hampshire: Scott Brown's (R) favorite issue. He says both President Obama and his opponent, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D), are "confused" about the threat posed by ISIS.

Arkansas: One of the states the GOP would really love to take home on Nov. 4th. One of their recent ads warns of a "world in chaos," and says the state needs someone who will stand up to President Obama.

North Carolina: GOP challenger Thom Tillis is hitting incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan (D) for missing many of her Armed Services Committee hearings this year, saying it's another sign she missed the boat on ISIS (just like Obama!).


Foreign policy and national security has voters' attention across the country. And while it's just another way for the GOP to peg Dems to an unpopular president, the Dems don't seem to have a clear message to fight back with.


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