Q: My dark eyebrows are sparse and patchy. Black brow pencil looks like magic marker, so how do I fill them in?

A: I'm really glad you asked; too-obviously drawn-on eyebrows can make you look crazier than a sack of weasels. First, consider a visit with an eyebrow expert, says Hilary Price, vice president of Benefit Brow Bars (department store beauty counters where an aesthetician can wax or tweeze your brows). Then fill in brows with either powder or a soft pencil matched to your brows or hair, whichever is lighter, says Price. For powder: Use a hard, angled eyebrow brush; with short, light strokes, work from the front of the brow to the back, filling in bare spots. For pencil: Be sure the pencil is soft, which makes blending easier. Again, use short, light strokes. After filling in, run a spoolie brush (an unloaded mascara brush, like the Sonia Kashuk Spoolie brush, $2) through your brows to make your work look natural.

Bottom line: Whether you use powder or pencil, keep your touch light and strokes short.


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