O's beauty director asked Carmindy, the makeup artist and beauty host on TLC's What Not to Wear the secrets to keeping your face on.

1. After moisturizing, apply liquid foundation with a nonlatex sponge (for blending well). Be sure to cover your undereye area and eyelids: Not only will you need less concealer but the foundation will help eye makeup adhere to your skin.

2. Apply a brightening concealer on any dark shadows you can still see under your eyes.

3. With a large, fluffy brush, dust a sheer, translucent powder over your entire face, including your lids.

4. Apply a touch of slightly shimmery highlighter (white, vanilla, champagne, or pale gold) under your brows, in the corners of your eyes, and on the tops of your cheekbones.

5. Using feathery strokes, fill in your brows with a brow pencil a shade lighter than your natural brow (or hair) color.

6. Line your upper lashline with a waterproof gel eyeliner.

7. Apply a couple of coats of black mascara. Carmindy recommends Blinc Mascara ($26; blincinc.com) because it never smudges but is easily removed.

8. Dust the apples of your cheeks with a powder blush (which lasts longer than a cream).

9. Apply a lip stain under your lipstick or gloss; the stain will tint your lips even if the other color wears off.

Keep in mind: If your face tends to get shiny during the day, carry a pressed translucent powder compact in your bag for touch-ups.

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